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The World’s Best Dental Floss

Super floss guy.I am a flosser. You may recall that I floss when I’m watching TV, when I’m getting ready for bed, and yes when I’m in the car (though USUALLY it’s when Jim’s doing the driving & not me).

73% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss. Source

Anyway, just thought I’d share my $.02 with everyone regarding the world’s best dental floss.

And how does this fit on a web site about “fun stuff” you ask???? Just you wait and see…


World’s Best Dental Floss

Oral-B Satin dental floss.

It’s the Oral-B Satin dental floss. It’s much wider than traditional floss. Most dental floss is like string, but this one is more like a thin, flat ribbon.

It’s kinda slithery as it slides gracefully between your teeth. It’s not got any “coating” per se on it (except for the minty flavor which is really strong, yet pleasant), but for some reason it never gets stuck between any of my teeth like some other brands do. (Must have something to do with the “satin” effect.)

Lifetime amount of dental floss purchased by the average person: 18 yards. Amount that should be bought per person: 122 yards (figuring one foot a day). Source

The best part: It will not shred, or fray, or break… ever! Plus, it’s comfortable to grip and control, even when it’s wet.

I got this travel-size one from my dentist. (I take it everywhere I go.) Then I ended up stocking up on a 2 year’s supply of Oral-B toothbrushes, solely for the fact that each came with a complimentary travel size of the Satin dental floss.

Crest Glide dental floss.So, truthfully, I have no idea if they even make this stuff in full-size containers. Nor if it’s even sold on the retail market! Heck it coulda just been a one-time special offer for all I know. (Hope not, but I’ve still got a couple of year’s worth of it stockpiled away just in case.)

Oh, and it’s said to be preferred 2-to-1 over Glide — which is currently the best-selling floss in the United States.

In fact, I signed up to receive a free full-size sample of Glide dental floss from the Crest website. So now I can judge for myself which is really the best!

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