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3-in-1 bubble bath is THE best bubble bath I have ever used!!! And, by the looks of things, apparently, I'm not alone. Here's why...

Best Lotion For Dry Skin: I have extremely dry skin. Looking for the best body lotion for dry skin? My review of 9 popular moisturizers for very dry skin.

Men... Are you -- or someone you know -- dealing with thinning hair? Bald spots? Excessive hair loss? Male patterned baldness? Well, they've found a cure for baldness... It's called acceptance! See why Jim shaved his head and loves being bald!

Do your legs turn to itchy sand paper the moment winter strikes? Do you have dry, scaly patches along your arms or your face? Are you dealing with the pain of chapped lips and cheeks? Here are all the best ways to deal with your dry winter skin problems.

Simple DIY recipes and ingredients needed to make your own homemade bath soaks - soothing bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, and relaxing bubble bath!

If I stop moisturizing, the dry flaky skin starts to reappear on my nose, hands, and feet! So now exfoliate more and use body oils & body butters instead of lotions.

Whether you've got bad morning hair, hat head, or helmet hair, here are a few DIY solutions to help you look your best in SECONDS! Morninghead vs washcloth.

Baking soda is an excellent base for healthy homemade remedies and beauty aids. Here are 8 wonderful recipes taht are inexpensive and very effective. Great alternatives to pricy store-bought products.

Want to save a fortune on health and beauty products? If so, then add this one product to your next shopping trip: coconut oil!