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Following are the 5 best ingredients to look for and how they work to improve your skin, plus additional info about other anti-aging ingredients that seem to work really well!

When watching beauty pageants & admiring the contestants, have you ever wondered what some of their secret beauty tips are? Here are some interesting beauty secrets from Miss America and other beauty contestants that will probably surprise you!

Want long eyelashes? Here's how to lengthen and and strengthen your eyelashes WITHOUT spending money on expensive fiber mascara or eyelash extensions!

In my search for the best waterproof eyeliner (I have really bad allergies, and need an eyeliner with serious stay power!), I personally tried 4... 2 of which I will continue to buy because they're AWESOME. Plus, see 5 other waterproof eyeliners that get high ratings from beauty experts.

Most of us don't think about cleaning our makeup brushes. I know I didn't until I started hearing makeup experts talk about how important it is on talk shows and news shows.Here are some easy ways to clean makeup brushes.


BareMinerals makeup has been a part of my makeup routine for a few years now. Every time I try a new foundation, I always return to using bareMinerals because they perform better than other mineral makeup lines. Here's why I love Bare Minerals makeup.


If you've never tried a face chamois to remove cleansers from your skin (I hadn't before this), then you don't know what you're missing. Here are the best facial cloths, in my opinion.


I'll be honest, the Bare Minerals took awhile to grow on me. The biggest reason: I have dry skin. Then I discovered Primer! The Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer makes all the difference in the world.

I only recently started using makeup brushes. Here's how I found the best kabuki brush that's refillable and retractable too!