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When watching beauty pageants & admiring the contestants, have you ever wondered what some of their secret beauty tips are? Here are some interesting beauty secrets from Miss America and other beauty contestants that will probably surprise you!

Do your legs turn to itchy sand paper the moment winter strikes? Do you have dry, scaly patches along your arms or your face? Are you dealing with the pain of chapped lips and cheeks? Here are all the best ways to deal with your dry winter skin problems.

Read this before you combine Essential Oils with Argan Oil. Here's how to combine regular Argan Oil with Essential Oils to make your own scented Argan Oil.

I'm addicted to 100% pure Argan Oil as a daily moisturizer! It helps your skin & your hair - even your hubby's & your dog's!

If you want to look beautiful but NOT made up, here are some tips for achieving a fabulous flawless complexion, the perfect plump lips, and the most natural looking eyes. These are the best videos showing how to achieve the most natural makeup look.

I think I know how Angelina Jolie got those huge lips! One word: lemons.

How many containers of dental floss do YOU have lying around the house? What about Chapstick? Lip gloss? Hand lotion? Check out my collection here...

Why I love the Neosporin lip treatment product called Neosporin LT. My other favorite is Carmex lip balm. Here are the differences between the two lip treatments.