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See how I use an everyday silicone pot holder to keep my hot curling iron from touching things that could melt or burn (on the countertop & in my suitcase).

Want to grow out your bangs and go from a short hairstyle to a medium-length style? I did it in 5 months! My hairstylist's tips for growing out short hair.

The idea of using dry shampoos wasn't really a stretch for me. I've been using baby powder in between hair washings for several years now. Dry shampoos are just that next step toward cleaner, fresher smelling, healthier hair. See why I love dry shampoos, plus other video reviews.

There are several dry shampoos on the market, but you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard to make your own dry shampoo at home. They work just as well as the store-bought versions too!

Men... Are you -- or someone you know -- dealing with thinning hair? Bald spots? Excessive hair loss? Male patterned baldness? Well, they've found a cure for baldness... It's called acceptance! See why Jim shaved his head and loves being bald!

Laser back hair removal is an FDA-approved method of safe hair removal that is a more permanent solution than the use of hair removal creams, waxing, electrolysis, and shaving.

Don't live near the beach? You can still have beachy, natural hair highlights! 4 clever natural hair lightener tricks to get sun-kissed blonde highlights - naturally.

Epilators are better than shaving -- especially for women with darker hair. See why. Plus a review of my all-time favorite epilator: the Emjoi Epilator.

Whether you've got bad morning hair, hat head, or helmet hair, here are a few DIY solutions to help you look your best in SECONDS! Morninghead vs washcloth.