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When watching beauty pageants & admiring the contestants, have you ever wondered what some of their secret beauty tips are? Here are some interesting beauty secrets from Miss America and other beauty contestants that will probably surprise you!

Indoor tanning lotions are VERY different from typical suntan lotions for use outdoors. The best indoor tanning lotions + The pros and cons of using them.

Curious about all the mineral makeup hype, especially with regard to all-natural mineral makeup? Mineral makeup does sound good for your skin and it looks great too, so I set out to see if it really is as good as it seems.Here's what you need to know about natural mineral makeup -- the good, the bad, and the truth.

When I began to look into indoor tanning, I discovered some very scary facts about tanning beds. This had a dramatic impact on the way I view indoor tanning. I thought I would share in case anyone else is on the fence about this subject.

Following are a few things to keep in mind the next time you think you want a tan, including the SAFEST ways to get a tan... if you must.