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The idea of using dry shampoos wasn't really a stretch for me. I've been using baby powder in between hair washings for several years now. Dry shampoos are just that next step toward cleaner, fresher smelling, healthier hair. See why I love dry shampoos, plus other video reviews.

There are several dry shampoos on the market, but you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard to make your own dry shampoo at home. They work just as well as the store-bought versions too!

Baking soda is an excellent base for healthy homemade remedies and beauty aids. Here are 8 wonderful recipes taht are inexpensive and very effective. Great alternatives to pricy store-bought products.

If you're trying to go 'no poo' with your hair routine, start by simply using shampoo every other day that you wash your hair, rather than daily. Then, on the days in between, try one of these no poo methods. After awhile, I bet you will prefer the no poo method and ditch the shampoo altogether.

Want to save a fortune on health and beauty products? If so, then add this one product to your next shopping trip: coconut oil!