Ladies: Have You Tried The Pencil Test To See If Your Butt Is In Shape?

Ever considered a Brazillian butt lift? Well, first make sure you take the pencil test to see if you need one. I saw a fitness expert talking about this on TV. She said you should put a pencil beneath your butt cheek to determine whether you need bbl surgery or not. Also, step-by-step instructions for the test and exercises to tone your glutes.

Pros & Cons Of Indoor Tanning Lotions, Plus How They’re Different From Regular Suntan Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions are VERY different than typical suntan lotions that were formulated for use outdoors. Believe it or not, you should never use a regular suntan lotion in a tanning bed. You should only use indoor tanning lotions. Here’s why, plus some important facts about indoor tanning lotions, amplifiers, bronzers, and more tips that you might not realize…

Deodorant 101: Does A Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Really Work The Best? What Are The Best Natural Deodorants?

I’ve been a loyal Secret antiperspirant user. And I sometimes use Certain Dri to really stop the wetness. Upon closer inspection of the labels on the bottles of antiperspirants on the store shelves, I found that the ones I like best have very high amounts of Aluminum Zirconium. So I set out to find the best NATURAL deodorant. Here’s what I’ve learned about clinical strength deodorants and natural deodorants.

Bra Fitting Guide: How To Find Your True Bra Size And Choose The Best Bras For Your Body Without Going To A Bra Fitter

If you were to give your bra size to a bra fitting expert at a store, they would probably laugh and then invite you to find your REAL bra size with their help. Here’s how to do your own bra fitting — in the privacy of your own home. You can use the tips found here in our online Bra Fitting Guide to find your true bra size today!

Want The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin? Here’s How To Hydrate Severely Dry Skin + The Best Body Oil For Dry Skin Issues

Whenever I stop moisturizing my skin (as few as 2 days in a row) the dry, flaky skin starts to reappear on my nose, my hands, and my feet! So I’ve learned the importance of exfoliating and the differences between the 3 types of dry skin moisturizers: body lotions, body oils, and body butters.


Facial Exfoliation Definitely Works, But Can You Exfoliate Your Face Too Much?

If, like me, you’ve started using microdermabrasion products and a face exfoliator to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy, then you’re probably wondering if too much of a good thing could actually be hurting your skin. How often should you exfoliate your face? Here’s everything you need to know — including how to exfoliate your face!


Foot Tattoos: 5 Things To Think About Before You Get A Foot Tattoo

I’m thinking of getting a foot tattoo. But I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve found 5 good reasons to reconsider getting a tattoo on your foot that I thought I’d share to help others who are trying to decide whether to get foot tattoos or not. The 5 things I’ve learned: the pain is different (I have a high tolerance for pain, so this one doesn’t scare me), the amount of space required & tendency for foot tattoos to get blurry (a foot tattoo is one of the hardest places for an artist to tattoo well), the time it takes to heal after getting a foot tattoo (the feet require more pampering than tattoos in other places on your body), the fact that some tattoo artists won’t even tattoo feet (their reasons are eye-opening), and it’s difficult to remain still throughout the tattooing process (which could result in a messy tattoo). See more details about these and other little-known facts about foot tattoos.