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Indoor tanning lotions are VERY different from typical suntan lotions for use outdoors. The best indoor tanning lotions + The pros and cons of using them.

Home remedies for dry skin

The Top 10 dry skin care natural home remedies for people with seriously dry skin. From eczema and dry, cracked bleeding skin to simple dry skin from winter's wrath... you can treat it yourself at home with these natural treatments for dry skin.

Do your legs turn to itchy sand paper the moment winter strikes? Do you have dry, scaly patches along your arms or your face? Are you dealing with the pain of chapped lips and cheeks? Here are all the best ways to deal with your dry winter skin problems.

Break out your miniskirts, summer dresses, and open-toe heels. Winter is here, but you don't have to let your winter fashion suffer from the cold. All you need to do is one, simple thing -- layer up! Here are some fun and creative ideas.

When I began to look into indoor tanning, I discovered some very scary facts about tanning beds. This had a dramatic impact on the way I view indoor tanning. I thought I would share in case anyone else is on the fence about this subject.

Why I love the Neosporin lip treatment product called Neosporin LT. My other favorite is Carmex lip balm. Here are the differences between the two lip treatments.