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How To Grow Out Short Hair: 5 Expert Tips From My Hairstylist About Growing Out Short Hair Styles + How To Cut Bangs Yourself

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By Aimee

Here are some pictures of my ever-present bangs over the years.

Thinking of growing out short hair or changing up a hairstyle with bangs that you’ve had forever?

Ever since I can remember, I have sported a short-layered bob with — with bangs. The bangs were always there! Most everyone knows I’ve had the same hairstyle for oh… let’s say 25+ years.

I’m in my 40s now, and in the past year or so I’ve decided to put a lot of the “same ole same ole” to the test. Instead of saying, “Why would I change my hair now?” …I’m saying, “Why NOT change my hair now?!”

Changing your hairstyle isn’t necessarily difficult. It just doesn’t happen overnight — so you have to be patient and wait (long enough for your hair to transition through the growth stages).

Today, with the help of my hairstylist, I’m going to show you how to grow out short hair when you have bangs. It’s not easy to grow your bangs out. It can take a long time — even if you have fast-growing hair like me.

How To Grow Out Short Hair

I spent a lot of time talking with my stylist Jackie Detweiler about growing out my short hairstyle with bangs and she had a lot of great suggestions. Together, we came up with a plan for my hair based on her years of experience growing out short hair styles.

I thought I’d share some of her helpful tips for growing out short hair — some of them actually surprised me. Maybe they’ll surprise you too!

Here are 5 things you need to know about growing out short hair with bangs in order to achieve longer layers without bangs:

#1 – Have a goal in mind for your hair.

Growing out short hair to a longer hairstyle is no laughing matter (well sometimes it is).

If you’re anything like me, you might think you are being super easy-going by saying to your stylist, “Do whatever you want.” But actually… they hate that!

Yes, your stylist is the expert, but she’s not a mindreader (nor a miracle worker).

Some clients will say, ‘Cut my hair just like you did last time.’ That always baffles me. The average time between appointments is 6 to 8 weeks. I have hundreds of clients. I already know which are the best haircuts for every face shape, but how am I supposed to remember exactly how I did your hair the last time? If you want a carbon copy of a cut and style you loved, take a picture and show me.


Similarly, if you just say, “I want to grow out my hair” — but you don’t give them any goal or idea about what you are looking for, then they might cut something you don’t want them to!

#2 – Expect awkward stages when you’re growing out short hair.

Seriously, you need to know this in advance. So here’s your “heads up”…

You will experience times of wrestling with those “baby hairs” in your bangs that will not cooperate as you’re growing out your locks.

Jackie recommends clip-in extensions if you run into phases in your style that really bother you. You don’t need to stay home or wear a ski hat during these times!

You can also hide your awkward stages by using bobby pins. Consult with your hairstylist before you begin pinning up your hair or putting a clip in your hair that makes you look like a kindergartener.

Jackie showed me how to do some twisting and braiding that helped during my very awkward stages.

#3 – It’s okay to play with your hair.

Here I am using some bobby pins while growing out my bangs.

At first, I thought this was really kind of silly — but it’s actually a great tip!

I started clipping my hair back when I began a new bedtime skincare routine and noticed my face looked a bit younger when I pulled the 25-year-old bangs out of my face.

So I started playing with bobby pins, hair clips, and even learned how to braid short my short bangs while they were growing out.

Jackie says: “What better place to play with your hair than in the comfort of your own home — in front of the bathroom mirror. Take selfies of all angles of your hair (don’t forget the back) to make sure what you decide to take out in public will look the way you want it to.”

#4 – With length comes weight.

Relax, I’m not talking about body weight gain. I’m talking about hair weight gain. Meaning… your hair can start looking heavy and drab and appear to have less body as it grows out.

Here are some great ways to deal with extra hair weight while growing out short hair:

  • Ask your stylist to use texturizing shears. They work well because short pieces push longer pieces up — creating volume. (Short hair pushes long hair.)
  • Have your hairstylist show you different products and round brushes that will give your roots the lift they need.
  • Use a dry shampoo before and after all of the styling — to add texture.

#5 – Continue to get regular haircuts.

My hairstylist Jackie has proven how to grow out short hair - a process that took me 5 months to do.

If you’re like me, then you probably think you shouldn’t get more haircuts when you’re growing out short hair. But that’s not true.

As Jackie told me: “Don’t skip haircuts just because you’re growing it out. Sometimes there’s just a 1/4 inch of hair that needs to be trimmed —  especially if the ends are dry and brittle. Those ends will grow faster when they’re cut.”

She also stressed that you should make an appointment with your stylist to get a “bang trim” occasionally. Most likely, it will be super affordable (even if it doesn’t appear on their price list).

How To Cut Bangs Yourself

You might be wondering what to do when you’re having a “crisis” with your hair.

You know what I’m talking about… you just can’t wait for your next salon appointment, so you find yourself grabbing a pair of scissors!

Of course, there are dangers to taking things into your own hands, but here’s how to cut bangs yourself:

  • Be sure to cut only your bangs and not a part of your hairstyle. (TIP: Use hair clips to separate your bangs from what is part of the hairstyle.)
  • Don’t cut your bangs too short. (TIP: the first time you do it, trim your bangs when they are dry — so you can see how they will dry. Your hair appears longer when it’s wet.)

Here’s a step-by-step guide (with pictures!) showing how to cut your own bangs.

The Bottom Line…

My bangs are finally the length of my layers after 5 months.

So, here’s my finished hairstyle with no more bangs:

They’ve grown out even longer since that picture was taken.

It took about 5 months to grow out my bangs — to get them the length of my layered hairstyle.

I want to leave you with just a few more tips for growing out short hair:

Have fun and remember… the best thing about hair is it always grows back!