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TMJ is common, but hard to treat. A dentist explains the best TMJ treatment options (night guards, jaw stretches, physical therapy). Surgery & implants can make TMJ worse.

For years, I've done this home teeth whitening routine for fresh breath & white teeth. I'll show you how it only takes a few minutes to do teeth whitening at home.

Is gum disease the same as periodontal disease or periodontitis? What about gingivitis? Who gets it? How can I prevent it? How does a dentist treat it?

A dentist reviews 7 popular teeth whitening products - which are best & why. Also, see how those products compare to professional teeth whitening treatments

Does it hurt to get a dental filling? How much do dental fillings cost? What kinds of fillings are best? Answers to these questions and more!


I've had 3 Root Canal procedures within 6 months. Here's everything you could possibly want to know about Root Canals -- what the Root Canal procedure is like, plus answers to all your questions.


The whole procedure of switching out my old silver fillings for new white ones has resulted in me having to get about a half-dozen Crowns in the end... and 3 Root Canals.At this point, I've got a LOT of firsthand experience to share about what it's like to get things like Fillings, Crowns, and Root Canals. This is what it's like to get a tooth Crown.

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem. There are many products out in stores that help to cure bad breath, but here are 13 natural cures to get rid of bad breath yourself!

There's so much confusion about teeth whitening procedures. Here are the facts! We compare teeth whitening procedures done in a dentist's office -- like teeth bleaching & laser tooth whitening -- with other teeth whitening procedures you can do yourself using over-the-counter products.