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12 Fun Ponytail Styles To Try – Ponytail Pictures

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By Regina

ponytail-hairstyles-by-martathegoodone.jpg I’ve had long hair the majority of my life, and one of my favorite hairstyles is the ponytail.

The cool thing about ponytails is they are easy to create and they look attractive while getting your long hair off the back of your neck and out of your face.

Plus, you can do ponytails with different lengths of hair. You don’t have to have really long hair to be able to do a pretty ponytail.

Also, ponytails look good on all women of any age. You don’t have to be a little girl or younger woman to look good with a ponytail. (And that includes if you decide to wear 2 ponytails!)

Following is a list of fun ponytail hairstyles for you to try…


12 Fun Ponytail Styles

Of course, there are literally hundreds of different ponytail hairstyles out there.

All it takes is a little creativity and a few cool accessories to create a fun ponytail hairstyle in just a few minutes.

The best part: depending on how formal or informal you want to be, you can pick the one that best suits your mood at the moment!


#1 – One way to dress up a ponytail is to simply add elastic bands or ponytail holders that have small fake flowers attached to them.

Or, you can add feathered hair clips which are very trendy at the moment.

I personally like the idea of the feathered clips, but then being Native American I love anything with feathers.


#2 – Separate your ponytail into 2 tails. Then, twist both tails into knots and pin them to the back of your head.

This is one hairstyle that Reese Witherspoon wore recently and it looked very nice! The buns actually made her hair look crinkly and wavy.

I really like it, and I intend to try this ponytail hairstyle soon.


#3 – Put your hair into several ponytails at once. You don’t just have to go for just 1 or 2 ponytails anymore. Instead, consider separating your hair into 3 or 4 ponytails high on your head. It looks trendy and cute!


#4 – Brush all your hair high to one side and then wrap an elastic hair band around it for a side ponytail. This was a really popular style back in the late 80’s when I was in high school. I can remember a lot of girls wearing it, and it does look especially cute.


#5 – Brush all of your hair to the back of your head and then put an elastic around it. Next, taking a small strip of hair, wrap that hair around the elastic to cover it, and then pin the end with a hair pin. Next, take a curling iron or hot rollers and add curls to this low ponytail. You can then leave the curls in back, or pull them forward to lay against your shoulder for a fashionable style that hit the runway this past spring.


#6 – Try putting your hair in what they call double tails for women. It’s basically the same thing as what we used to call pigtails when we were kids. It’s just putting your hair in 2 high ponytails which, believe it or not, can look quite fashionable. In fact, actress Pauley Perrete has made this style popular again.


#7 – Another fun look is to copy Jennifer Lopez, who in 2004 wore her hair in a low ponytail on one side. She then topped it off with a cute pink knitted beret.


#8 – Try a partial ponytail where you use a brush to pull the sides and top of your hair back. At the same time, leave the rest of your hair loose. You just put an elastic or ponytail holder around the tail that you made from your hair at the sides and top and you’re ready to go!


#9 – An inside out ponytail is another fun option. First, put your hair in a loose ponytail. Don’t put the elastic as tightly around your hair as you might normally do. Then take your fingers and split the hair in the back above your ponytail. Once you have done this, take your ponytail in hand and flip it up and over through the hole you’ve created. Make sure to pull it down, so it stays. Now you can tighten the elastic, add a pretty pin or clip, and you’re done.


#10 – You can also add a few small braids to the top of your ponytail. I have done this several times in the past. This looks especially stylish if your ponytail is either high on your head or directly in back of your head. I found it was less noticed if I did it when I just put the ponytail at the back of my neck — unless I pulled it around front so it was laying over my shoulder. I don’t like to do that often because the hair has a tendency to tickle my face.


#11 – Another way to dress up any ponytail hairstyle is to add a pretty hair band. This can serve a dual function… besides looking pretty. If you are not a big fan of hairspray (I’m not!), it will help to keep your hair tight. I like to buy headbands that have a few fake flowers, or headbands that are covered with fabric that has a nice pattern. Of course, I also have solid color ones, but the flirty and colorful ones are my favorites.


#12 – If you’re more adventurous than I am, you might want to try a funky ponytail. I’ve seen many women successfully pull off a funky ponytail. One example for really short hair is when you put it into 2 ponytails, but leave the ends to flair out. This gives your ponytails a spiked look. Another example of a funky ponytail is to put your hair in 2 very loose ponytails, and then leave the hair on top even looser — to the point the hair is not in the elastic you wrapped your ponytails in. These styles, while unique, can be tricky to keep looking the way they do unless you use a lot of hair products. Otherwise, they can fall out pretty easily, especially the second one I mentioned.