Just For Guys: Men’s Shapewear & Male Undergarments That Help Hide Problem Areas

Here are some brilliant ways for men to camouflage whatever body issue they’re most uncomfortable with — like a big belly, man boobs, or a small butt. The answer is as simple as finding the right piece of men’s shapewear for your particular issue. And guess what?… It really works! These male undergarments can be worn underneath your clothes — and no one will even know.

HeadBlade Razor Review… From One Bald Guy To Another

When I saw this video on CNBC, I new the HeadBlade razor was something I had to get for my husband who shaves his head bald every day. The HeadBlade is a uniquely shaped head shaving razor designed for balding men — or ANY guys who prefer the completely bald look! Here’s what my bald husband thinks of the HeadBlade razor…