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Remember the ear piercing scene in Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan? That's how I pierced my ears! Here's how to pierce your ears safely at home.

A fitness expert says to put a pencil beneath your butt cheek, up next to your thigh (like in this video) to see if you need a Brazillian Butt Lift or not.

Men... Are you -- or someone you know -- dealing with thinning hair? Bald spots? Excessive hair loss? Male patterned baldness? Well, they've found a cure for baldness... It's called acceptance! See why Jim shaved his head and loves being bald!

Laser back hair removal is an FDA-approved method of safe hair removal that is a more permanent solution than the use of hair removal creams, waxing, electrolysis, and shaving.

Have you heard of the Mirdle? (Man Girdle) What about Manx? (Male Spanx) These men's undergarments can hide love handles & man boobs, add fullness to a flat butt, and pull the tummy in - among other things.

Bra sizes are confusing! Here's how to do your own bra fitting in the privacy of your own home. Use these tips from bra fitting experts to find your true bra size today!

If you want to firm & tone your legs, then try these 6 simple moves. Plus, lots of videos showing you how to do leg exercises properly to get sexy legs... fast!

Here are some behind the scenes previews and the inside scoop on Carson Kressley's new show 'How To Look Good Naked' airing on Lifetime on Friday nights. Could this become a new form of family-friendly television? We'll see...

Thinking of switching out your old silver amalgam fillings for all-new white ones? I did it. And I'm paying the price. Here's what I've learned... all backed up by my own dentists.