Just For Guys: Men’s Shapewear & Male Undergarments That Help Hide Problem Areas

Here are some brilliant ways for men to camouflage whatever body issue they’re most uncomfortable with — like a big belly, man boobs, or a small butt. The answer is as simple as finding the right piece of men’s shapewear for your particular issue. And guess what?… It really works! These male undergarments can be worn underneath your clothes — and no one will even know.

Ladies: Have You Tried The Pencil Test To See If Your Butt Is In Shape?

Ever considered a Brazillian butt lift? Well, first make sure you take the pencil test to see if you need one. I saw a fitness expert talking about this on TV. She said you should put a pencil beneath your butt cheek to determine whether you need bbl surgery or not. Also, step-by-step instructions for the test and exercises to tone your glutes.

How To Look Good Naked… And Flaunt It On TV!

Here are some behind the scenes previews and the inside scoop on Carson Kressley’s new show ‘How To Look Good Naked’ airing on Lifetime on Friday nights. Could this become a new form of family-friendly television? We’ll see…

Thinking of Replacing Your Old Silver Fillings With White Ones?… Be Careful!

You might be considering having your silver fillings replaced with white fillings if your teeth are turning gray. You should know the facts about dental fillings before you do. I chose to have them replaced with white fillings and I’m paying the price. Here’s what I’ve learned… all backed up by my own dentists.

Is It Cold In Here Or Is It Just Me?

This is the story about a girl and her ‘perky gal pals’… and dealing with something I’ve termed ‘Aggressive Nipple Syndrome’ – ANS. If you or someone you know has prominent nips, then you might find some helpful info — or at least some funny insight — here. Enjoy!

Ponytails Are In, Girls!

When did I lose all respect for myself and my ‘look’ — so much that I resorted to wearing a ponytail and baseball cap virtually around the clock? Oh yeah, ponytails are HOT!