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80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Here's how to measure bra size yourself better than a bra fitter! (Based on your bra band size & bra cup size)

When watching beauty pageants & admiring the contestants, have you ever wondered what some of their secret beauty tips are? Here are some interesting beauty secrets from Miss America and other beauty contestants that will probably surprise you!

Have you heard of the Mirdle? (Man Girdle) What about Manx? (Male Spanx) These men's undergarments can hide love handles & man boobs, add fullness to a flat butt, and pull the tummy in - among other things.

I was thrilled to see that Consumer Reports gave some of their highest marks to an $11 bra that's available at Target and Amazon! It's the Gilligan & O'Malley Demi Bra. It retails for just $11, and it frequently goes on sale for $9.

This is the story about a girl and her 'perky gal pals'... and dealing with something I've termed 'Aggressive Nipple Syndrome' - ANS. If you or someone you know has prominent nips, then you might find some helpful info -- or at least some funny insight -- here. Enjoy!