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A Fun New Beauty Site For The Girls website for beauty and fashion tips. There’s a new kid on the block (in the web world, that is)… and I like her!

She’s Elizabeth Waverly, the new guide for’s BEAUTY site.

(…didn’t think I’d be such a fan of beauty tips & such, did you?)


Well, believe it or not, I’m a lifelong collector of tips that will make my life easier when it comes to hair, makeup, and basic skin care. (Perhaps I’ll start sharing my faves right here soon?)

And, I’m always hunting for new "homemade remedies" to try, like this homemade face mask.

I’m also interested in others’ opinions about the "best" products on the market. (Don’t you ever wonder if you’re using the BEST deodorant? the BEST toothpaste? the BEST shampoo? I mean, we certainly can’t try them all, so who says the ones we pick are the BEST???)

Just one quick peek at this Beauty site, and I found some great tips for my new curly "do" when it comes to the best shampoos & conditioners.

I also think she’s pretty creative when it comes to summarizing the top 15 products in her makeup routine.

On the downside, I’m not a big fan of all the so-called "fashion" tips that this site also provides. Cuz, I mean… I don’t live in New York City. And I won’t be shopping at Macy’s anytime soon! Guess I’ve never been that fashion forward.

But that’s okay. All the divas out there will eat this stuff up.

This is a fresh new site, so bookmark it and check back later. I can already tell she’ll be the premier site for all things Beauty in no time!

Good luck, Elizabeth!

UPDATE: The new Beauty guide at is Julyne Derrick.