Why I Love Neosporin LT Lip Treatment

by Lynnette

dry skin, lips, winter

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Neosporin lip treatment - in a tube. I find that I regularly use some form of ChapStick type product — mostly just as a moisturizer for my lips year-round, but also to heal dry, chapped lips in the winter.

I recently discovered Neosporin LT after seeing their commercial on TV.

Their tagline was something along the lines of: "You know how good Neosporin is for treating cuts and scrapes… Imagine what it could do for your lips."


Neosporin Heals Faster

I swear by Neosporin ointment for healing cuts in record time, so I’ve been meaning to pick up a tube of this stuff for my lips for weeks now.

Finally, I am the proud owner of what I believe to be the best lip treatment product out there: Neosporin LT.


That Doesn’t Go There!

I must admit… when I first thought of buying a Neosporin product for my lips, I kept envisioning that I’d be putting a mediciny-type product that was meant for other body parts — being fully aware that such products should never be used on your face.

In fact, I imagined it similar to reaching for a tube of Preparation H and putting that on my lips. Neither seemed like a good idea.

But then again, since I knew of Neosporin’s effectiveness in healing the skin, I figured it was a given that they could devise a lip-friendly product for treating the skin "above the shoulders" too.

And they have!


Carmex vs Neosporin LT

Up til now, Carmex was my lip-therapy of choice. I liked how I could "feel" the mediciny part of it working. That’s what a menthol-based product with do for you.

While the Neosporin LT is less obvious in its working power, it resembles a healthy herb or extract that provides healing treatment for your lips. It’s very subtle, yet very effective.

Its main ingredients are:

  • Allantoin 1.5% (for skin protection)
  • Pramoxine HCI 1% (for an external analgesic)

I think it’s the analgesic that you "feel" working. And it’s probably the Allantoin that makes your lips feel healthy and moisturized at the same time.

When treating chapped lips, 92% of people apply lip care products twice a day or more.

  — 2001 Bases I; 2002 Gallup Study