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Winter Fashion: How To Turn Your Favorite Summer Clothes Into Fun Winter Wear

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By Ashley


Break out your miniskirts. Pull your summer dresses up to the front of your closet. And don’t forget to grab your open-toe heels.

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress for a date with Mr. Frost.

Sure, you may miss your sun-tanned glow. But don’t let your fashion suffer from the cold. All you need to do is one, simple thing — layer up!

That’s right, layers. Not only will you stay warm and feel cozy, but your inner-fashionista will shine brighter than the snow.

All you need are 3 interchangeable essentials. My favorite affordable brands that never disappoint:

It’s that simple! Here’s how…


Summer Clothing That Works In The Winter

Take your favorite summer dress. Say, it’s a strapless mini with a floral print. Summer is all about the patterns, so keep your winterized additions subtle. Here, you want to add opaque tights or leggings. For the top, add either a leather jacket for an edgy look or a long sleeve shirt underneath to let the dress’s silhouette stand out.

Or how about that black mini skirt you rocked downtown on summer nights? Don’t worry, you still can! Instead of opaque leggings, try a fun, embellished pair instead, like these sheer zebra full tights. And yes, stiletto-it-up with your peep-toe favorites!

What about the go-to tank top you threw over your bikini or styled with shorts and jeweled flats? Pair it with a lacy long-sleeve and still strut those legs by wearing thick opaque tights. If you’re feelin’ fierce, choose a colored or grey tight instead of the traditional black.


Still Unsure?

Check out these similar summer to fall clothing recipes.

Want a practice run before hitting the streets in your new style? Try this:

  • Grab a bottle of your favorite red wine, turn up your personalized radio station on Pandora, and spend a Saturday night alone (unless you count the imaginary audience).
  • Sift through those clothes you haven’t worn in months, have your winter accessories on hand, and strut that runway — a.k.a. your hallway.

Need more reassurance? Snap some pics with your cell phone and send them to your most trusted stylish friends. But most importantly, look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Of course you do. YOU just made YOUR own clothing line!

Be brave. Be bold. Be YOU.

Now go find your Mr. Frost. Maybe you could teach him a thing or two…

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