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Sephora Gives Free Samples Too!

Not only did Martha Stewart and her staff recommend Kiehl’s for their generous free sampling program — in the March 2007 issue of Real Simple — but they also recommend Sephora for similar reasons. Here’s the scoop…

Thinking of Replacing Your Old Silver Fillings With White Ones?… Be Careful!

You might be considering having your silver fillings replaced with white fillings if your teeth are turning gray. You should know the facts about dental fillings before you do. I chose to have them replaced with white fillings and I’m paying the price. Here’s what I’ve learned… all backed up by my own dentists.

Why I Love Neosporin LT Lip Treatment

Why I love the Neosporin lip treatment product called Neosporin LT. My other favorite is Carmex lip balm. Here are the differences between the two lip treatments.