How To Get Lips Like Angelina Jolie’s

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I think I know how Angelina Jolie got those huge lips!

One word: lemons.

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Call me crazy, but I’ve come to the conclusion that lemons can have a dramatic effect when it comes to plumping up one’s lips.

How do I know? Because it happened to me. Twice!


I Love Lemons

I tend to have some unusual cravings (nope, not pregnant) — and eating raw lemons is one of them.

I’ll suck on one or two whole lemons in one sitting. (Not without puckering, mind you. But I like the challenge… and the taste.)

A couple weeks ago, I was craving a third whole lemon… in a row. The result? Mega lips!

I’m not kidding. My lips swelled up like… well… like Angelina Jolie’s lips.

Truth be told, that must’ve been too much citrus for one set of lips, cuz they were also stinging …for hours. And they remained swelled for at least a day. (But I kinda liked the look while it lasted.)

Fast-forward to today, and I was craving lemons again. I had two down, and one more to go… but I had to stop. I got the Angelina Jolie lips again.


Nature’s Lip Enhancer

So… why spend money on all those expensive lip-plumpers available these days?

My advice: Try a lemon or two.

Not only are lemons a natural highlighter for your hair, and a natural astringent for your skin… they also appear to be a natural lip plumper.

P.S. Anyone out there willing to try out my lemon theory? If you do, let me know if the lemons have the same effect on your lips!


Other Fun Uses For Lemons

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