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Ever Have A Cracked Tooth Or One That Broke Off In Your Mouth?

Lynnette's smile.How is it that I seem to have such good dental hygiene (and I have a lifetime supply of dental floss to prove it!), yet my teeth keep breaking off in my mouth?!

I think they call it cracked tooth syndrome.


The first time was a year or so ago, while I was eating peanut M&M’s. Half of a top left rear molar fell right off and I saved it as evidence.

The dentist couldn’t get me in until 3 days later, and I guess I overcompensated for it by chewing things too fiercely on the opposite side, because another tooth cracked while eating a slice of pizza. This time, a bottom right molar.

I managed to keep this one in its place until my dentist appointment the next day, but he said he’d never seen a case where a tooth had been held in place for so long “by pure spit alone.” This one was cracked down to the root. (For the record… a root canal is nothin, ya wimps!)

Needless to say, I gave the dentist a huge chunk of change that day! (He said they didn’t have a “2-for-1 deal” that week!)


Coughing Up Some Serious Cash Again

Now, fast forward to a week ago while munching on some cough drops at work. (Yes, I’m one of those who cannot resist the urge to bite into candies and lollipops… and cough drops.)

This time, it’s the front “eye” tooth and the entire top pointy-part came right off.

Fortunately, it cracked diagonally and most of the damage is on the back side, so you can’t see it. Plus, it’s not cracked very deep. Since I’m not feeling any sensitivity there, I’m trying to hold out until my previously scheduled dental appointment which is in 2 weeks.


Why All The Damage?

Now you’d think I’d be all gums and no teeth by this here write-up, wouldn’t you?

Fortunately, I’ve always had a pretty good set of teeth. I never had braces & people (mostly all my friends who have had braces) don’t believe me.

The only thing I know is their teeth haven’t been falling out like mine have. So, I’m kinda wishing I’d had braces now…

Perhaps my childhood dentist was right when he sent me home one day with a note that stated: “Absolutely no more ice crunching!” (I’ve been a habitual ice cruncher ever since I was a kid. As a teenager, ice was actually my favorite diet snack!)


Personalized note from my dentist warning me about the long-term dangers of crunching ice.



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