Embarrassing Moments (Like Bad Breath) …Would You Tell Your Friends?

by Lynnette

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Here’s how I know that none of the people that I work with are really my friends…

Because, when I got home from work late the other night — after spending 7 hours straight with these people — I realized that I had a huge piece of Basil from my spaghetti lunch stuck square between my 2 front teeth.


AND, by the time I got home and saw it, it had been several hours since I ate lunch!

AND, we were even on TV that day!

Yet NO ONE managed to point it out to me.

I just want you, my real friends, to know this…


I would tell YOU if…

  • …you were toting a trail of toilet paper from the back of your shoe.
  • …you had a boog trying to break-away from the pack.
  • …you had the back of your skirt accidentally tucked into your pantyhose after a visit to the bathroom.
  • …you left your zipper un-zipped.
  • …your mascara had run so bad you were looking like Tammy Faye
  • …you needed a Tic Tac
  • …and ESPECIALLY if you had a piece of food between your teeth.

That is all.


Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius “Mr. Really Stinky Breath Breather Outer”:

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