Who Owns Those Fun Green Health & Beauty Companies And Ideas?

by Lynnette

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world-in-hands-very-small.jpgI just saw a report on the CBS Early Show about how ‘green’ can mean big money for small businesses, fun products, and new careers.

My favorite part:

How big mega businesses gobbled up some smaller (but very popular) household brands.

Here they are…


Green = Big Business

I guess the point was, if you are a small business creating green, earth-friendly products, then the future looks bright for you.

Going green has contributed to bulking up corporate bottom lines –and job rolls — resulting in the emergence of positions unthinkable in years-gone-by.Danny Seo, CBS

Here are some examples from the show, in order of buy-out price:


Burt’s Bees was purchased by Clorox for $913 million dollars.



Aveda was purchased by Estee Lauder for $300 million dollars.



Tom’s of Maine was purchased by Colgate-Palmolive for $100 million dollars.



The Body Shop was purchased by L’Oreal for $1.4 billion dollars.

…interesting, right?


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The Story Behind The Story: Company Histories

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