Use Coconut Oil Instead Of Health & Beauty Products… And Save Big Money!

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coconut-oil-photo-by-andrea.jpg I used to go to the local drug store (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) once a month and spend $100 or more on beauty products such as razor blades, depilatory cremes, hair conditioner, deodorant, lotion, facial cleansers, makeup removers, foot softening creme, eczema treatment, and more.

At the time, I thought these items were necessities, now I know better.

There are some better (and cheaper) options!


While I haven’t figured out a way to avoid the cost of shaving products, and at least a small amount of antiperspirant and makeup, I have cut my bills drastically by adding one item to my grocery list.

The one thing that I have replaced most of my beauty products with is coconut oil!


Coconut Oil Beauty Secrets

I use coconut oil to:

  • Condition our very thick and formerly dry hair. We now use a very mild and inexpensive baby shampoo to wash our hair after using coconut oil as a hot oil treatment and daily moisturizer.
  • Lotion our bodies. Using coconut oil in place of lotion after a bath can keep your skin soft for several days. You can even put it in your bath water.
  • Virtually eliminate dry patches for eczema. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that I believe healed my eczema and my kids’ rough elbows.
  • Soften hard feet. Just rub it on after a bath. My feet were ready for sandals in a week.
  • Cleanse our faces and remove makeup (massaging face with coconut oil and removing with damp warm washcloth).
  • Gentle laxative. Coconut oil mixed into a soft food like oatmeal or a fruit smoothie will help you eliminate easier

For about $20, I purchased enough coconut oil to last a whole month and cut our toiletries bill in half!

I purchased 2 large jars online. One jar was to put one in the kitchen to cook with, and a second to separate into smaller containers and distribute among my family.

There are many other uses for coconut oil — both medicinal and for beauty treatments — that I have not tried out yet, but every use I have detailed here has worked for me.


More Uses For Coconut Oil