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Ode To The Shower Gel (…A Fun New Way To ‘Hook Up’ In The Shower?)

blue-spew-mess-in-shower.jpgI awoke this morning to find this…

What is it?

It’s a bloody blue massacre featuring one busted shower gel bottle — its entire contents puddled on the shower floor — and one nifty little "bottle holder" that failed miserably.

And to think, I had such high hopes for this cool, new-fangled way to store & use shower gel (and shampoo) on a daily basis.

Notice the tall, black thing stuck on the wall — above the little ledge?…



I purchased a total of 3 of these suction-cupped bottle holders. One black, and 2 neon green.

Hey, they were on sale. Actually they were "free" when you bought a bottle of Axe Shower Gel that was on sale for $2.99. Axe calls them "shower hook-ups". They’re really wide and really tall — so they cover a lot of the bottle’s surface. The magic is in the many suction-cupped grippies (…that seem really strong.) too-many-shampoo-bottles.jpg


The thought was: we like to keep several different bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels in the shower itself, yet we don’t really have enough flat space to store them all. So these nifty little suction-cup wall hangers seemed like the perfect answer. It’s a way to keep your bottles upside down and closer to eye-level and more within reach while you’re showering.

It worked perfectly for a few months. I especially like the fact that you can "stick" practically any bottle of any size to this self-stick contraption — not just the Axe shower gel that came with it. Plus, there are no messy glues or tape required. And best of all… no "shelf" to get all gunky and mildewy over time. (I hate cleaning the tiny grooved shelves on those over-the-shower hangers.)

Unfortunately, much like the fogless shaving mirror that we’ve struggled with for years, this fun new self-stick gadget will probably be short-lived as well.

soapy-blue-shower-gel.jpgAfter today’s soapy blue mess, we realize that bottles can "slip" right off the grippies and come crashing down onto the shower floor. Depending on how high you hang it, some bottles (like those made of hard plastic with flip-top lids) could probably even crack the tile on a shower floor. Ours isn’t tile, but our new one will be.

shower-gel-hung-low.jpgPerhaps I’m over-thinking this fun little freebie. But just one word of advice: If you’re going to use suction-cupped contraptions like this, you may want to think about their placement within your shower. For the time being we’ve just placed them down lower on the wall. The idea is, if the bottle should slip again, then it would have a shorter distance to fall — thus, less force would be exerted as it hits the shower floor, and hopefully there would be less spillage.

I have a hard time just tossing them out, because I really like the way these shower sticky pads allow me to store odd-shaped bottles upside down. Yes, lots of shampoo bottles are made so they can rest upside down, but not all of ’em are (like Nexxus shampoo that comes in a narrow-necked vase-shaped bottle).

I know, call me crazy for such a long write-up about this silly little self-stick shower gadget. But you know me, I love gadgets and will try most anything… once. Just thought I’d share.