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Simple DIY recipes and ingredients needed to make your own homemade bath soaks - soothing bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, and relaxing bubble bath!

If I stop moisturizing, the dry flaky skin starts to reappear on my nose, hands, and feet! So now exfoliate more and use body oils & body butters instead of lotions.


Do you use a face exfoliator to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy? Wondering how often should you exfoliate your face? Here's what you need to know!

Microdermabrasion is a simple way to improve your skin's appearance and texture. I use a derma roller on days that I'm not using microdermabrasion products.

Read this before you combine Essential Oils with Argan Oil. Here's how to combine regular Argan Oil with Essential Oils to make your own scented Argan Oil.

I'm addicted to 100% pure Argan Oil as a daily moisturizer! It helps your skin & your hair - even your hubby's & your dog's!

Want long eyelashes? Here's how to lengthen and and strengthen your eyelashes WITHOUT spending money on expensive fiber mascara or eyelash extensions!

In my search for the best waterproof eyeliner (I have really bad allergies, and need an eyeliner with serious stay power!), I personally tried 4... 2 of which I will continue to buy because they're AWESOME. Plus, see 5 other waterproof eyeliners that get high ratings from beauty experts.

Most of us don't think about cleaning our makeup brushes. I know I didn't until I started hearing makeup experts talk about how important it is on talk shows and news shows.Here are some easy ways to clean makeup brushes.