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HeadBlade Razor Review… From One Bald Guy To Another

When I saw this video on CNBC, I new the HeadBlade razor was something I had to get for my husband who shaves his head bald every day. The HeadBlade is a uniquely shaped head shaving razor designed for balding men — or ANY guys who prefer the completely bald look! Here’s what my bald husband thinks of the HeadBlade razor…

No Poo Shampoo Alternatives For Washing Hair

If you’re trying to go ‘no poo’ with your hair routine, start by simply using shampoo every other day that you wash your hair, rather than daily. Then, on the days in between, try one of these no poo methods. After awhile, I bet you will prefer the no poo method and ditch the shampoo altogether.

Ponytails Are In, Girls!

When did I lose all respect for myself and my ‘look’ — so much that I resorted to wearing a ponytail and baseball cap virtually around the clock? Oh yeah, ponytails are HOT!

A Fun New Beauty Site For The Girls

Well, believe it or not, I’m a lifelong collector of tips that will make my life easier when it comes to hair, makeup, and basic skin care. Perhaps I’ll start sharing my faves right here soon? Until then, we’ve got Beauty at website to peruse and enjoy!