HeadBlade Razor Review… From One Bald Guy To Another

by Lynnette

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headblade-razor.jpg The HeadBlade is a uniquely shaped head shaving razor that was designed for balding men — or any guys who prefer the completely bald look!

The razor itself is contoured to fit into the palm of your hand to make head shaving for bald guys quicker and easier than ever before.

When I saw the following video on CNBC, I new the HeadBlade razor was something I had to get for my husband who shaves his head bald every day.

One Bald Guy’s Experience With The HeadBlade Razor

For years, Jim has been using Gillette Mach 3 razors, and the results have been fantastic.

However, the Mach 3 razor blade refills are so expensive.

So, I thought it would be worth exploring this one-of-a-kind head razor called HeadBlade.

I recently picked one up for Jim to try.

He says it’s a little awkward to get used to at first, but its design makes perfect sense.

I can attest to the fact that Jim uses the exact same motions as the HeadBlade’s inventor demonstrates in the video. So it seems ideal that the razor itself fits underneath your fingers as they’re curved against your skull.

Jim says if a guy who shaves his head bald isn’t already accustomed to using a different razor to get the job done (for example, someone who’s just started shaving his head bald), then the HeadBlade is a great idea and definitely worth trying. It would alleviate the learning curve that guys typically have to go through to get used to shaving their head bald using a regular straight razor.

I personally love it for its ease-of-use, close shave, and most importantly, I genuinely felt like HeadBlade understood what it’s like to be a bald man. Source

Without a doubt, the HeadBlade is a great idea!

Kudos to the inventor, Todd Greene, who came up with a smart and practical fix for an everyday task.

The HeadBlade is available on Amazon, along with stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Publix. It gets pretty good ratings too!