Does My Watch Go With My Hair Accessories?…

by Lynnette

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Every girl color coordinates her watch bands with her hair scrunchies. Doesn’t she?

What? It’s just me???

Ah well, I guess I’ve taken my anal retentiveness to a whole new level!

Colorful hair scrunchies and watch bands. I have, in fact, discovered (albeit quite by accident) that I own a complete set of interchangeable watch bands in various colors (12 to be exact) which happen to go quite nicely with my latest find: hair scrunchies in multiple colors.

The degree to which the same colors are replicated is uncanny.

I’m lovin it.


It’s kinda like Garanimals (remember those mix-n-match kids clothes?).

Whichever watchband I choose for the day, I automatically know which color scrunchie would look best holding my ponytailed hair on this day!

Ahhh… a mindless means of getting myself dressed and out the door in under 30 minutes each the morning (including shower).

I know, Jill, I know… hair scrunchies are definitely “out”. But I’m just a few years behind the times… again.

More About The Watch

This is my Gossip brand watch with 12 interchangeable watch straps.

I really like this watch. Not only for its interchangeable bands (of different colors AND textures!), but also for the fact that it’s got a squarish face.

That makes it somewhat unique and different, since most watch faces are perfectly round.

I got it from (shhhh…) QVC, but what a deal — only $27! (Item #J24649)

And, since I managed to get all of the scrunchies pictured above for less than $6 (total!), I believe this qualifies as one heck of a FUN way to be somewhat fashionable… without spending a fortune.