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Top 40 Ponytail Tips & Tricks To Help You Make The Best Ponytail Styles

Ponytails are one hairstyle that will always be “in” for women of all ages.

high ponytail hairstyles have never gone out of style

Fortunately, there are a lot of fun ways to wear your hair in a ponytail, so you’re not stuck with just one look each and every time.
But before you put your hair up in a ponytail again, check out these tips and tricks first.
  • Some will save your hair from breakage.
  • Others will make your style look more hip and cool.
  • Still others will save you time and money.
Anyone who wears their hair in a ponytail — including both guys and girls — will benefit from these helpful tips…


#1 – Ponytails That Are Too Tight

Avoid excessively tight ponytails too frequently. Otherwise, tension alopecia (a permanent hair loss condition) can result.


#2 – To Cover Up The Rubber Band

If you have thick hair, take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, wrap it once, and secure the hair with 1 or 2 bobby pins inserted underneath the ponytail toward your head. If you have thin hair, a 1-inch-thick hair extension the same color as your hair will do the trick.


#3 – Messy Ponytails Are More Natural

This is easiest with unwashed hair, since you want a sort of messed-up texture. To create that with freshly washed hair, spray volumizer, or texturizer, on your hair and roughly blow-dry as you work your fingers through it.


#4 – Combine Salt & Water In A Spray Bottle

If you’re starting out with clean hair, just use a few spritzes of saltwater spray to rough it up a little before putting your hair into a ponytail.


#5 – Ponytails Still Need Some Hairspray

Once you like the look you’ve created with your ponytail, spritz some hairspray all over in a light mist to keep your ponytail and all of the wispy loose hairs in place.


#6 – Texturized Ponytails Are Trendy

Start with your bottom layers: place a hot roller on top of each section and roll up to the scalp. Repeat until you’ve finished your whole head, then let the rollers cool. Unroll, blow-dry each section to loosen the waves, then place in a ponytail.


#7 – Ponytails And Sleep

Always remove your ponytail before sleeping. Otherwise, it will cause scalp stress, strain, and unnecessary tangles when the tail parts of the hair get entangled with the pony elastic.


#8 – Shape Your Ponytail

Use a flat iron to make your ponytail straight. Or use a curling iron for soft waves at the ends.


#9 – Side Ponytail For Dry Hair

Maybe you don’t have time to wash your hair, or are on your way out and need a quick look. If your hair is long and has a natural wave to it, this side ponytail will look like you took hours to create. Scrunch up wavy hair with your favorite hair scrunching lotion or gel. Aussie Scrunch Hairspray can be heavy and a little sticky, but if it’s just for show, go for it. Grasp the hair close to neck and make a loose side ponytail. Catch all the hair in the elastic, but let it look loose, not tight.


#10 – Ponytails And Headaches

Ponytails can cause headaches (even neck and back pain) if your hair very long and very thick. To relieve the problem, wear your hair in a ponytail with the base near the nape of your neck, which allows for better weight distribution.


#11 – Make A Double-Knotted Pony Bun

Pull the hair halfway down, as if to pull it through the elastic again. Then, do the same thing once more, leaving the rest out and all fluffy and undone looking but smoothed.


#12 – Ponytails Aren’t Just For Elastics

If pulling elastics on and off is painful or difficult, opt for a long or extra wide “pony” barrette that will hold the base of the pony in place without pain, pulling or tugging.


#13 – Hair Breakage From Ponytails

When rubber bands or other “unfriendly” hair bands cause hair breakage, a line of short hairs that are 2 to 4 inches from the scalp become visible. These shorter hairs that result from ponytail damage are known as “halo” or “angel hairs.”


#14 – Side Ponytails Are Sexy

Start with a dry shampoo to rough up your hair a bit, followed by a drop of shine serum for polish. Then gather your hair close to the nape of your neck and over to one side (far enough that it falls over your shoulder). Then secure your ponytail with a hair elastic.


#15 – Avoid Damaging Your Hair

Tying your hair back every single day in a ponytail can damage your hair, unless you do these 2 things:
1) Use elastic bands that are covered with fabric like silk or cotton (never use rubber or plastic) and that don’t have any hair-snagging metal pieces, and
2) Spritz a light silicone spray over your hair before you put it into a ponytail, so your hair will glide against the hair band without splitting.


#16 – Create A Half-Up Do

One way to add height to your face, and to emphasize cheekbones, while still showing off hair length is to pull the sides and the top of your hair up, while leaving most of your hair down. Pull the hair from above the ears, in a diagonal direction to the back of your head. Do for both sides. Attach with an elastic.


#17 – Volume At The Crown

To get lots of volume at the crown, put your fingers on either side of the front of your ears and run your fingers straight up. Clasp the collected hair in one hand. Tease your roots with a wide-toothed comb. Spritz hairspray on teased roots, then let your hair go and smooth back into a ponytail. Secure with elastic.


#18 – Shorter Layers Work Better With Wet Hair

Hair with shorter layers may hold tighter around the sides when the ponytail is created on damp strands that have been prepped with a strong holding gel or mousse. As strands dry, the shorter layers will stay put.


#19 – Unwashed Hair Holds A Ponytail Best

Ponytails are often easier to style when hair is slightly aged from the last shampoo. Newly washed, soft, or slippery hair, can often be trickier to work with than “day old” hair.


#20 – Tease The Top For Added Height

To add some height on the crown of your head, back-comb (or tease) this section of your hair a little bit before securing it into a ponytail.


#21 – Styling Products Make All The Difference

Add a bit of styling mousse or pomade to give just-dried hair some weight and texture. Tame any flyaway hairs with an anti-frizz serum or hair gel. Style the front of your hair, including bangs, wisps or tendrils that you don’t want pulled back.

here is a picture of a high ponytail hairstyle from the back

#22 – Ponytail Hair Extensions

These are great for hair that lacks volume, hair that’s not long enough for a ponytail. This video shows how ponytail extensions work.


#23 – How To Hide The Elastic When You Have Layered Hair

If you have one length hair, it’s very easy to take a section of hair from beneath and wrap around the elastic to hide it. With layered hair, you can hide it using several sections of your hair. Start with the left side first using a strand to disguise the band, then crisscross the bobby pins to ensure that it holds properly. Then start on the other side of your head, taking another section of hair and do the same.


#24 – Ponytail With A Pouf On Top

If you want a “bump” on top of your head above your ponytail, here’s what you need: a flat iron aerosol hairspray, and a comb for teasing.


#25 – How To Accessorize When Wearing A Ponytail

To get a little trendy, try accessorizing with a headband or small braids in the front.


#26 – For A Fuller Ponytail

For a fluffy hair style, shampoo and blow dry your hair first. Then, create your favorite ponytail style.


#27 – Brigette Bardot Inspired Ponytail

First, wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and lightly condition the ends. Use large, hot rollers and leave them in for 20 minutes. Without disturbing the curl (the messier, the better), tease or “backcomb” the roots of your hair to create lift at the crown, then lightly brush your hair into a chic high ponytail. If you’ve got long bangs, pull out some pieces and part them down the center to frame your face.


#28 – Make A Double Pony

Start by separating your hair into 2 parts: a small portion that will form a tiny ponytail near the lower part of your head, and a larger portion that will form the main ponytail near the top in back. Add extra height with the hair that lies flat on top of your head by back-combing or teasing the hair on top of your head.


#29 – How High Or Low To Place Your Pony

Ponytails can be very chic. It is all about where you place them and the texture you have in the hair. Really straight hair begs for a very high pony or a very low one, whereas a middle placement works best for more natural or wavy textures.


#30 – There Are No Rules

There’s no “perfect ponytail.” There are lots of different ways to wear a ponytail. Ponytails range from sleek and shiny to messy and sexy!


#31 – A High Ponytail Provides An Instant Facelift

A high ponytail that is set at the top of the head near the back of the crown is famous for providing a “mini” facelift by putting tension of the face and emphasizing the cheekbones.


#32 – Short Ponytail For Longer Hair

Make a low ponytail (closer to your neck). Hold your pony up with one hand and put a jaw clip attaching the pony to your head. Let go of your pony and enjoy!


#33 – It’s All In How You Twist The Pony

With a flat paddle brush, use small circular rotations to sweep your hair up. This will keep hair flat and reduce any tangles or pesky bumps.  Once the pony is secured in your hand, give the hair a slight clockwise twist to interlock any shorter layers. For a tighter ponytail, slip your hair elastic into position and then change hands and give it a second or third twist.


#34 – I Dream Of Jeannie Ponytails

Create a high ponytail on top of your head (instead of in the back of your head). Wrap a section of your hair around the base of the ponytail and pin in place to hide the elastic.


#35 – Your Basic Sexy Ponytail

Take a 1-inch barrel curing iron and just add some texture into your hair. Start by taking long, vertical sections of your hair — wrap the curling iron around each section lengthwise (one at a time) with the tip of the barrel held toward the top of your head and the handle toward the bottom of your head.


#36 – Side Ponytail For Damp Hair

The side ponytail for long, damp hair should be worn low, not cheerleader style. It should rest where your hairline meets your neck. Rub a smoothing balm into your towel-dried hair. Part your hair in the middle or on the opposite side of the ponytail. Pull down bangs if you have them. Brush hair to the side and secure with a strong elastic. Your hair should rest on the front of the shoulder.


#37 – Hide The Ponytail Band

To hide the band that is holding your ponytail in place, take a small section of hair from your ponytail, wrap it up and around the base of the ponytail so that it covers all the elastic band. Secure the band with a bobby pin to hold the looped hairpiece in place like this.


#38 – Have Fun With Your Accessories

This hairstyle relies on little kid barrettes or decorative bobby pints to hold back bangs or layers that don’t fit in the ponytail. Dry your hair, scrunching it for a bit of wave. You can also try blow dry your hair without brushing, just use your fingers. Scrunch the pony more for extra wave. Pin bangs or unsecured layers with a decorative bobby pin or little kid barrette.


#39 – For Fuller Ponytails

Use your hands as a comb to tease your hair without a brush to make your ponytail look fat and full of body. Just separate a top layer of hair, then spread your hand and use it as a tool to rough up the under layers to make hair really big. Then, smooth the top layer over the teasing and make a ponytail. Before you put in the elastic, use your fingers again to tease the base of the ponytail to put back in volume you squeezed out when you pulled hair back. Secure with an elastic, then grab a piece of the tail and tease it the same way, with your hand, to fatten it up before wrapping it around to hide the elastic.


#40 – Leave Some Hair Loose Around Your Face

For a fun look, after you have your ponytail completely secured, use the tail of a comb to carefully pull a few pieces of hair from the base of the pony to create a light ‘fringe” around the perimeter of your face.