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How To Look Good Naked… And Flaunt It On TV!

Attention-getting?… Yes!

Will it work on TV?… I don’t know.

Here’s the inside scoop on How To Look Good Naked premiering on Lifetime television, Fridays at 8PM (central).

This Really IS Reality TV!

Carson Kressley (from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) is hosting “a perception revolution” on TV.

Think reality TV that’s really real for a change!

Like this one:

How To Look Good Naked is an attempt to bring average everyday women like you & me out of their shell and show them how to be comfortable with their bodies — despite their internal “skinny self” telling them they look horrible.

I’ve seen some behind-the-scenes previews.

My thoughts?

  • Mildly creepy. (They show a lot of skin.)
  • Somewhat spooky. (Admit it… you’ve thought the same thing about your body as these ladies do about theirs.)
  • Very real. (This is what women live with day in and day out — attempting to mold our not-so-perfect bodies into the oh-so-perfect bodies of our skinny friends.)
  • Majorly attention-getting. (Like a car accident — you can’t help but look.)

From the previews:

4 out of 5 women hate their bodies.”

At first I thought it was another show just for the ladies. I mean, it is on Lifetime. But Jim thinks a fair number of guys will tune in for the chance to see some skin on TV. Whatever… (Maybe they’ll learn a thing or two. And who knows, if enough guys see it, maybe they’ll actually play some role in changing the false images associated with women’s bodies.)

I do think that a lot of very supportive husbands will be watching with their wives and daughters in an attempt to show that they like their ladies just the way they are. I guess there’s hope that a show like this could become respected as a form of “family entertainment”, instead of all that trash they air these days that families sit and watch together.

Overall, I appreciate the effort. I just hope that it works and doesn’t backfire by becoming a joke or these ladies being made a mockery of.

I’m honestly not sure how much TV time I want to devote to watching women come to grips with their “real” selves though. It might get too deep for my viewing pleasure. I mean, there’s usually a lot of baggage that goes along with a poor self-image. That could result in some fairly “heavy” segments throughout the show. Or, maybe not…

On the first night the show airs (Friday, January 4, 2007), I’ll be there. I’ll give it a shot. It could be a really good thing toward busting the stereotypes associated with all the glitz & glamor that we typically see when TV and movie stars are prancing around. Plus, all of those superficial images we see in magazines and on the big screen that make us feel less than adequate.

Hopefully, they’ll include some “average” models, movie- and TV-stars to share their stories on this show, too.

I give this show an A for effort. If you’re going to buck the system, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

From the previews:

I don’t want you to loathe what you see in the mirror. I don’t want you to just like what you see in the mirror. I want you to flaunt it… naked!”

— Carson Kressley