E.L.F. Elements: High Quality $1 Makeup!

by Lynnette

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Now you can create your own personalized compact filled with four (4) great products for your eyes, your lips and your face!

You already know how much I love the e.l.f. products (the mascara & eyeshadows especially), so I couldn’t resist sharing the fact that they have a new cool product called e.l.f. elements.

It’s a compact consisting of 4 different e.l.f. products in one.

The best part?

YOU get to choose which 4 products you want inside!



…2 eyeshadows, 1 blusher, and 1 lip color
…or 1 eyeshadow and 3 lip colors
…or 4 eyeshadows
…or 4 lip colors
…you get the idea!

These compacts are 100% customizable, based on your own needs and your own colors! (There are 25 different top-selling shades to choose from.)

It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

e.l.f. products are always just $1, and it’s no different with the e.l.f. elements compact. Each product/shade you choose costs just a buck.

Trust me when I say, ladies love this stuff!

e.l.f. is truly the best thing to hit the fashion counter in a decade. And, it’s definitely the most affordable quality cosmetic on the market today!

Check out the e.l.f. interactive site online where you can mix & match your colors and types of products for your e.l.f. elements compact.

When was the last time you had this much fun picking out makeup???