Just For Guys: Men’s Shapewear & Male Undergarments That Help Hide Problem Areas

man-boobs-and-big-belly-by-MelvinSchlubman.jpgUnderwear that helps to enhance the look of your body is not just for women anymore.

That’s right, many men would like to minimize their least attractive features too.

The word is Spanx (one of the most popular lines of women’s shapewear) will soon be selling male Spanx.

Men have become more body conscious over the years as the pressure to look slimmer like Brad Pitt has increased, not to mention the current trend of wearing low rise fashions in underwear and jeans. Additionally, herbal products like Enzyte for male enhancement have dominated the airwaves increasing men’s interest in enhancing their physique and other body parts.  Source


Following are some ingenious ways for men to camouflage whatever body issue they are most uncomfortable with (think: a big belly, man boobs, or a small butt).

The answer is men’s shapewear — male undergarments that can be worn under your clothes and no one will even know! And guess what?… Iit really works!

Check out this video from The Rachel Ray Show.

On the show, men tried on different types of male undergarments called “Manshapers”. You can see the before and after shots, along with the guys’ opinions (and the opinions of their girlfriends).


Got A Round Belly?

If you’re a guy that has a little extra padding around the middle that you just can’t get to go away — no matter how much you exercise or eat right (or if you just can’t wait for the new exercise routine and diet to do it’s thing) — then you may want to check out the belly buster from Underworks.

Similar to a mens girdle, this piece of shapewear for men provides support for your back, as well as compression for your tummy. Now, you can get those nice straight lines you’ve been wanting! Another nice thing is that you can adjust the amount of compression you want by changing where the eye hook and closure are attached.


male-butt-model-wearing-butt-pads-by-feastoffools.jpgHave A Flat Behind?

Guys who want to add a little bulk to their backside should consider padded underwear. (Women who want fuller, rounder looking bottoms have been using this type of shapewear for years.)

If you want a fuller behind, try padded underwear like these padded butt boxer briefs for men by Undergear which are a cotton/lycra blend.


Just Want To Tighten The Tummy A Little?

GearCom specializes in men’s shapewear.

They have men’s underwear made from 3 D elastomeric compression fabric that they claim actually helps to boost circulation, tone muscles, and even prevent your muscles from getting tired.

They sell high-waisted compression support boxers and waist-cincher briefs that trim the tummy area.


Wish You Had A Tighter Chest & Mid-Section?

If you need compression of your chest, as well as your mid-section, then you may want to consider a t-shirt that has compression material all throughout the chest and mid section areas.

Underworks has a nice compression t-shirt that does this. It also helps to support your back, and it encourages good posture.

Compression shirts are double paneled, and they look like regular t-shirts for the most part — making them invisible under your clothing.


Want Some Extra Padding In The Front?

Undergear’s shape enhancer boxer brief is padded in the front — as opposed to the back — to give a fuller, beefier look where it counts.

Truth is, there are all kinds of padded boxers and briefs for men. It all depends on what you’re looking for!



These are just a few of the different kinds of men’s shapewear currently available. Many of them are made to look like regular underwear and you really would never know what they were for unless you actually told someone.

Since most men would never admit to needing shapewear, this should help to reassure you that shopping for shapewear really isn’t that different than shopping for new underwear.


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