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How To Look Good Naked… And Flaunt It On TV!

Here are some behind the scenes previews and the inside scoop on Carson Kressley’s new show ‘How To Look Good Naked’ airing on Lifetime on Friday nights. Could this become a new form of family-friendly television? We’ll see…

How To Tell If You Are Colorblind Or Not

Are you colorblind? Have you ever wondered if you see colors like everyone else sees colors? Here’s an online test to help you determine whether you are colorblind or not.

Is It Cold In Here Or Is It Just Me?

This is the story about a girl and her ‘perky gal pals’… and dealing with something I’ve termed ‘Aggressive Nipple Syndrome’ – ANS. If you or someone you know has prominent nips, then you might find some helpful info — or at least some funny insight — here. Enjoy!