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For An Organized Purse These Are The Bare Minimum Things To Keep Inside

organized-purse-by-danielle-blue.jpg An organized purse is something that all women strive for.

I know that I feel so much more put together and ready for the day when my purse is organized.

Although organizing my purse has become part of my daily routine, it can be so much easier of a task when you know what really needs to be in your purse — and which things are just taking up space.

Here are the bare necessities to keep an organized purse — whether yours is a small one, a mega handbag, or a work-only purse…


Small Organized Purse Necessities:

  • Basic beauty items (lipstick, powder, breath mints/gum, small brush/comb)
  • Money clip (to keep cash, credit cards, and ID)
  • Keys (for house and car)
  • Cell phone (for emergency purposes)


An Everyday Organized Purse Needs..

  • Pen and notepad (for reminders, appointments, and lists)
  • Health & beauty items (lipstick, powder, lotion/hand sanitizer, tampons, aspirin, hair items)
  • Cell phone (so you’re always in touch)
  • Small pack of Kleenex or a few napkins (for small emergencies)
  • Wallet (cash, checks, credit cards, and ID)


Organized Purse Ideas For Work:

  • Cell phone/smart phone, pen, notepad (to stay organized and up-to-date on the go)
  • Eyewear (sunglasses/eyeglasses, contacts case)
  • Keys (house, car, and office)
  • Wallet (cash, checks, credit cards, and IDs)
  • Health & beauty items (lipstick, powder, lotion/hand sanitizer, tampons, aspirin, hair items, breath mints/gum)
  • Tide To-Go stick (for spot treatment on the go)


If you keep checking the contents of your purse regularly, and keep the unnecessary stuff out, then you’ll always have an organized purse!

Whatever you do, don’t let this much stuff pile up inside your purse: