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How To Get Long Eyelashes Naturally Without Fiber Mascara Or False Eyelashes

Want long lashes? Who doesn’t, right? Thick, long lashes frame your eyes and make them appear larger. Long eyelashes alone can also make you look prettier and more feminine when you’re not wearing any other makeup. Good news: you don’t have to spend money on fiber mascara or false eyelashes to get the long eyelashes you’ve always wanted! […]


Best Waterproof Eyeliner: 4 I’ve Tried + 5 Others That Get Great Reviews

I have allergies that are so bad they begin in early Spring and don’t stop until early Fall. I also enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors — especially riding our motorcycle on long distance rides several days a week. The long-lasting eyeliner I’ve been using for years (Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner) simply doesn’t work well […]

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If you have long hair, then you'll appreciate this list of the best ponytail holders! photo by rachelyra on Flickr

Best Snag-Free Hair Elastics, Rubber Hair Bands & Ponytail Holders

For your hair’s sake, you want to choose hair-friendly elastic bands that can be easily taken out without too much damage to your hair. You also want to ensure that the bands you choose will be able to hold your ponytail in place for the entire day.   Tying your hair back every single day […]

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How To Wash Bras + 6 Tips To Make A Bra Last Longer

Replace your bras after 6 months? Not me! I replace ’em when they’re worn out. Period. For me, that’s about every year or so, depending on how much I wear each one. (I do have 7 bras that I rotate regularly, so that helps.) Here are the best tips for making your bras last longer…   […]

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Root Canal Procedure: What It’s Like To Get A Root Canal (…I’ve Had 3!)

I’ve had a Root Canal… and I lived to tell about it. Actually, I had two within 5 months. Then, I had to have one of those re-done less than a month later! Why??? The short version is: I switched out all my old silver Fillings that I’d had since childhood with white Fillings. That process resulted […]

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