Want The Bubbliest Bubble Bath Ever?

by Lynnette

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Believe it or not I’m not the member of the household who likes to take baths! I mean, I used to be. But lately, I’ve switched to showers cuz they’re quicker — no time for baths anymore.

Jim, on the other hand, takes a long, hot bath every week or so! Mostly because of his aching muscles after softball or a hard day at work.

He’s always been a fan of the Mr. Bubble, but I think he’s going to like this new bubble bath I found…

3-in-1 is a huge 32oz bottle of bubble bath / shower gel / shampoo that only cost me $3.99 from Target!

It comes in a variety of unique scents. I chose the LIME over the vanilla, coconut, freesia, marine or tangerine. (UPDATE: I went back today & bought their SWEET PEA bubble bath. You might think it to be a pea-green color, but no… it’s a royal pink and the scent is like bubble gum!)

“Creatively blended with vitamins, softening ingredients and a wonderfully delicious scent to help you look and feel marvelous.”

I’m thinking this is the generic version of the high-priced Philosophy 3-in-1 bubble bath (which sells for $16 at half the size… 16oz!), because I tried to find something out about the manufacturer — Delicious Brands LLC out of Dallas, Texas — but there was nothing to be found.

No matter. I’m thrilled that I happened upon this great bargain. It is the best bubble bath I have ever used!!!

Here’s why:

  • Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.
  • It only takes a tiny bit. With just the smallest amount (about a Tablespoon), I got a huge tub of bubbles… and they lasted!
  • Since it’s so concentrated and requires so little to actually make a tub-full of bubbles, this 32oz bottle will last us forever!
  • Great, rejuvenating, fresh scent. It’s been a few hours since I used it, and I’m still smelling fresh and limey now. And, the bathroom still smells like one big ‘ol Margarita! It’s an uplifting sort of scent. Hmmmm… I wonder what aromatherapy properties come from limes?!
  • Perfect for frugal shoppers. Though I won’t use it for anything other than the bubble bath feature, others might enjoy using it for its stated “shower gel” and “shampoo” qualities.
It's not a relaxing, rejuvenating bath unless you've got a comfy bath pillow!
  • The chuckle factor. On the bottle it says: “It’s a big, fat LIME in a big, fat bottle. Wall-to-wall LIME. A gigantic, storewide LIME. It’s the biggest LIME to ever hit Hollywood. A LIME of historic proportions. An all-star LIME extravaganza. The LIME of the century. Standing room only LIME. Sea-to-shining-sea LIME. A LIME to end all LIMES. One LIME to rule them all.”

Calgon… Take Me Away!

Combined with some awesome-smelling candles, this bubble bath went perfectly with my new BEACHY Pineapple Punch Sherbet Smoothie that I invented!…

UPDATE: Donna’s comment (below) sent me sleuthing at other stores around town. I spotted something very similar to the 3-in-1 bubble bath mentioned above (that I got at Target) at our local Walmart the other day…

It’s a 3-in-1 bubble bath/shampoo/body wash by Lander Essentials out of New York. As you can see from my photo, they’ve changed the look of their bottles, and the 3-in-1 products must be new for them — they aren’t even listed on their site yet.

Walmart was selling 32oz bottles in similar WILD & TASTY scents for about $3.

Now you can also find Lander Essentials 3-in-1 Bubble Bath on Amazon.


Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?