Best Snag-Free Hair Elastics, Rubber Hair Bands & Ponytail Holders

If you have long hair, then you'll appreciate this list of the best ponytail holders! photo by rachelyra on FlickrFor your hair’s sake, you want to choose hair-friendly elastic bands that can be easily taken out without too much damage to your hair.

You also want to ensure that the bands you choose will be able to hold your ponytail in place for the entire day.


Tying your hair back every single day can damage your hair, unless you do these 2 things: 1) Use elastic bands that are covered with fabric like silk or cotton (never use rubber or plastic) and that don’t have any hair-snagging metal pieces, and 2) Spritz a light silicone spray over your hair before you put it into a ponytail, so your hair will glide against the hair band without splitting. Source


Here’s a run-down of the best hair elastics available today…


Why Ponytails?

I’ve had long hair more times than not through the past 20 years, and I wear my hair in a ponytail quite often these days.

At one point in time, I even took my ponytail holders so seriously that I would try to coordinate them with my other acessories — like colorful watch bands and handbags.

These days, I’m much more practical (and frugal) and I prefer to use less-noticeable, snag-free ponytail holders instead of the most colorful ones.


Best Ponytail Holders

The following ponytail holders are listed in the order that I, personally, prefer.

I’d love to hear your preferences in the comments below.

  • Blax hair elastics – Blax hair bands are my all-time favorite ponytail holders! They’re the ones that many celebrities and celebrity stylists use. They’s super high quality, truly damage-free for your hair, and they don’t break! The 4mm ones are the easiest to work  with.
  • Sephora Collection snag-free hair elastics – available in black, brown, or clear (my personal favorite), these hair bands are super stretchy which means less pulling and tugging on your hair during removal.
  • Scunci no damage hair elastics – these are best for thicker hair. They’re covered with very thin material, so when you’re removing them, they don’t tug on your hair like the latex rubbery hair bands sometimes do.
  • Smoothies ponytail holders – there’s no metal in these, so no shiny metal band in the middle to be seen. Plus, they’re available in lots of fun colors and sizes (various widths and diameters).
  • Scunci no slip jelly ponytailers – your hair definitely won’t slip out of these, and your ponytail won’t slide down your head during the day requiring you to keep readjusting it either. Hair stays put!
  • Bungee hair bands – worth mentioning, but they’re definitely not for everyone. Some celebrity stylists prefer these for their ease of use, but they’re a little cumbersome to use and take some time to get used to.


See what you’re hairstyle says about you. For example, ‘Don’t mess with me’ is what the ponytail girl is all about. Practical, no-nonsense and super poised, she is ready for any challenge hurled at her.


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